Thursday, September 29, 2011

Headwraps for the Upcoming Fall and Winter

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share this awesome write-up on Knitti Gritti from

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Headwraps for the Upcoming Fall and Winter

This upcoming Fall/Winter season along with wearing protective styles, I am going to branch out with headwraps.

I've always liked the 'idea' of headwraps/scarves, but for some reason never worn them as hair accessories.

Along with protective styles, such as updos, twists and braids, headwraps and scarves protect hair as well. They can be worn on those days when you feel your hair isn't doing what you think it should do.

And if you're like me and get lazy from time to time and leave in styles that need to be taken down - for that "one more week" - scarves and headwraps are perfect for camouflaging old styles.

I have come across some very nice stylish headwraps/scarves on My favorite are from the Etsy shop Knitti Gritti.

Yvette, owner of Knitti Gritti ( - makes beautiful one-of-a-kind hair accessories - that include scarves, headwraps, hats and belts, and if you don't see a certain color scheme that you like, you can have one custom-made!

You just tell her what colors you like, she makes a sketch for you to approve and when it's to your liking - she makes it.

I don't want to sound like an advertisement, but I love her scarves, they are beautifully made and very comfortable. They can be dressed up or down, and the fact that you can get them custom-made to match favorite wardrobe colors is wonderful :o)

Check out my video -, showing the first Knitti Gritti scarf I had custom made.

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