Thursday, July 12, 2012


I'm so EXCITED, I just made my 50th SALE on etsy!!!

For now this is something that I just do on the side, but one day... my dream is to devote all my time to growing and developing Knitti Gritti into a household name... that actually sounds nice.. the House Of Knitti Gritti.. hmmm... ;~)

My idea to have lower priced, in stock items seems to really be popular.. but the designer in me craves the stimulation that the custom designs that started Knitti Gritti in the first place. Soo.. as a compromise, I've branched out a teensy bit and have begun to make more custom-looking items, like this one:

Hand Knit Natural Hair Accessories Headband: Silky Gypsy Style Hair Band & Neck Scarf (Pink Purple Gold)
I hope you all will like the direction Knitti Gritti is going in.. but only time and (YOU!) will tell! :~)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Doing Unto Others... It Isn't Just For the Holidays.

Today I tallied up my KG earnings and sent my semi annual tithe out to The Shade Tree, which as many of you know, is the local charitable organization I contribute to. They provide safe shelter &  services for homeless and abused women and children, victims of domestic violence, victims of street violence or gang violence, victims of elder abuse, the physically and mentally disabled, female veterans, the working poor and homeless youth.  

I posted a blurb about it on FB, just to get the word out to others, than I got to thinking? "What MORE can I do??" I often  say a simple prayer to be inspired to help others, who maybe will pay it forward. Each One, Reach One, right?

So anyway, I'm looking through the Shade Tree's website, and there's a link of their URGENT needs. Whats on the top of the list you ask? Deodorant. Girls Underwear. Toothpaste. Things we run to the local Wal Mart to get without even thinking about it. 

In wanting to do more, I'm reaching out to all of you out there in Cyber Land. I KNOW times are tough all around, but... How's the saying go? But For The GRACE of the LORD, Go I? 

That's how I feel every time I even think about the awful situations that must have driven these women and their children out of their homes and (thankfully) into this shelter, and others like it in each of our towns and neighborhoods.

This is their Website: 

And here are some testimonials I found on it from people they've helped:

During our last fiscal year we sheltered 3,512 individuals. That includes:
  • 897 children
  • 56 veterans
  • 139 pregnant women
  • 996 domestic violence survivors
Stories of Healing…
“My first day at The Shade Tree I couldn’t stop crying.  I couldn’t believe I was there, that my life had come to this.  Less than a year later, I moved into my new apartment.  I cried that day too, at the look on my son’s face when he saw his room for the first time.”
-Peggy, Former client of The Shade Tree

When I came to the shelter I was what they refer to as a ‘victim of elder abuse’.  My own children had been exploiting my Social   Security check, and barely left me with enough for food and housing.  After 10 days in the Transitional Shelter Program, I was placed in an assisted living facility, which provided meals, my own living space, and wonderful new friends.”
-Susan, age 87

As a single mom with a 13-year old daughter, I didn’t have much choice about leaving my abusive husband.  I went to The Shade Tree in the hope of finding a fresh start and brighter future. Thanks to the Job Development  Program I quickly found a new job.  Through the Victim Services Center I received education and support. With the help from the Children’s Activity Center, I grew closer to my ‘little girl’. Soon I was promoted and able to afford an apartment.  We moved out of the shelter with $2,000 in a saving account.”
-Amy, age 52

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My son wants to start knitting

So, as many of you all may already know, I have an ADORABLE little boy. He's 7 1/2 years old, loves soccer, video games (he says "Mommy, I'm a total gamer," with a straight face), swimming... and now knitting. 

I actually tried to divert his interest for a while, tried to redirect him to more "masculine things" (we live in an all woman household - even the dogs are female - so I try to encourage as many "boyish things" as I can... to try and balance things out). 2 years later.. he still wants to learn how to knit.. soo.. I showed him, and he's in the living room right now, making a blanket, Lord love him.

I figure he'll take to it and become an amazing designer, and be totally fulfilled in pursuing his dreams... or he'll have picked up a new skill, try it out for a while, and eventually get bored, like kids usually do after they finally get that new toy they'd begged for and harassed you over.. lol We'll just have to wait and see. Whichever way it goes, I'll hopefully have a new blanket... or at least maybe a pot holder ;~D

I'll try and get a pic for you all to see.