Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hello Out There.... And Welcome! *smile*

Hi, Hello, How are ya!

Umm..  This is my first blog. Ever. So bear with me while I get my bearings here.... Gracias *grin*

Okay, Well. My name is Ivette, and I am the creative whirlwind behind Knitti Gritti - Custom Winter Knits & Natural Hair Accessories. My knits are vibrant and colorful, and sometimes kinda quirky - just like me! *grin* And I love them, dearly.

Have you ever created something? Like, whether you sewed a skirt in Home Ec (when schools had money for that sort of thing), or even when you were a little kid, and you painted that watercolor masterpiece with the dried cheerios and glitter on it - Do you remember that warm glow inside when you looked at what you poured yourself into? It was beautiful, it was perfectly YOU - and you thought with a smile - I MADE THIS -   and it's GOOD!. Good for ME, because it's mine... not because of what the teacher or whoever thinks about it.

Well, I'm blessed to have that experience on an almost daily basis, because of my knits. Every time I create one, it becomes one of my children. And I love it - so much so, that it's always a little bitter sweet when I make a sale. I hope that the person who now owns it loves and appreciates all of it's wonderful qualities... and I wonder how it's doing.. I hope none of my lil scarves is at the bottom of someones closet.... but look at them - they're beautiful! Could YOU mistreat something so lovely??? www.KnittiGritti.etsy.com

Bohemian Head Scarf: WANT TO SEE MORE?


  1. Hey! Welcome to the blog world ;o)

  2. Thanks Laquita! As much as I love to ramble on and on *as you well know - cracking up*, this shouild be the perfect venue for me! *grin*