Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Who likes free stuff? Why, YOU do, of course! (me too!)

Who likes free stuff from the House of Knitti Gritti? You AND all of your friends! Let the competition begin!!

Ladies please, no hair pulling or throwing drinks in each others faces (Oh wait, that's the Basketball Wives I'm thinking about... lol - Now you all know my guilty pleasure - reality TV)

Anyhoo... Back to the contest! The FIRST 500 of you lovelies to both subscribe to this blog AND also "LIKE" my Facebook Fan Page will be entered in a drawing to win not only a hat, but one that is custom designed! You and I will discuss the colors, materials, everything! The end result will be a gorgeous One Of A Kind Knitti Gritti Original, made just for you!!

Now GO! :~D

Knitti Gritti


  1. Thanks! I can't wait to see who wins! :~D

  2. i got my scarf today i luv it, it arrived fast thank you.

  3. Wow, that WAS fast!! That kind of service is why I swear by USPS Priority Mail delivery for you ladies :) I love shopping online too, and just like you, when I find something I love, I get so excited, I want it now, and it kills me to have to wait for it! *lol*

    I'm sooo glad to know you're luvin on your new Knitti Gritti Original, Yoli! I'm sure you just look gorgeous in that vibrant pink - would you mind sharing a pic with us, so that we can ooh and ahh over how pretty you look in your new scarf?? :~D

  4. count me in!
    subscribed and fanned!