Friday, June 29, 2012

Guess who's back.. Back again lol

It's been a looong and crazy 6 months, but my personal life has settled down enough for me to be able to focus again on one of my true loves - knitting :)

I'm back in my lil workshop (really, I actually have one - you should see all the yarn in my garage!) and knitting away like a happy little.. what knits? Hmm... Happy little spider maybe? They weave technically, but I digress (I just got off of a 10 hour shift at work, and I'm known to ramble on the best of days) 


I've gone in  bit of a different direction this summer; Less costly, in stock items - I'm on a Gypsy Scarf kick right now - with the option for my custom pieces too. Here's a Gypsy scarf style available for purchase in stock:  

And another:

There's more stuff too, of course. My main concern of course is finding cute ways to wear my hair with out having to do too much styling (who has the time???) 

I love to coordinate my outfits with pops of color and texture, and of course, I KNOW I'm not the only one out here who feels that way. The main issue being of course, that it's hard to find things that are unique enough for me to want to wear them. I HATE doing just the "same ol' thing", U know?

If you feel like I do, and I'm sure plenty of you do, stop by the shop, see if anything catches your eye, and if not, just drop me a line. A custom order is always more fun anyway... ;~)

K, gotta go beddy bye now see ya'll next time

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