Customer Pics!

Hi Everyone! How are you all doing? Today is my 2nd out of 3 days off (I work four 10 hour days and have 3 off), and am in the midst of many mini projects... I think I'm a little A.D.D.ish today, because I can't seem to commit to any one thing... do you ever get those days where you FEEL really busy as you're mentally running through the list of all the things you have to do, but in actuality, you really aren't DOING any of them?? That's me today. For example:

  • I am in the "PROCESS" (in theory) of moving. Cleaning, sorting, etc. What I've actually accomplished today: I bought a new Dyson vacuum on QVC (5 easy pays!!) Got some cleaning done (Who else HATES bathrooms??), and am going to tackle laundry tomorrow
  • In order to develop my line of in stock, ready to ship Head Wraps, I need SPEED (The average Wrap takes about 3 days of serious knitting to make) I bought a knitting loom to make the process go faster... unfortunately, I have to teach myself how to use it first! It's a process... gave myself about 1 hour of practice time today.
  • I JUST (like 5 minutes ago) received the materials for my latest Bohemian Head Wrap order , so I need to get started on it - it's gonna be GORGEOUS! But then again... aren't they ALL? ;~D 

Okay, Off to work I go... Oh  by the way, here are some 
Knitti Gritti Bohemian Head Wrap Customer Pics:

And a Customer Video Review ! Can you feel the love??? *grin*

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