Thursday, July 12, 2012


I'm so EXCITED, I just made my 50th SALE on etsy!!!

For now this is something that I just do on the side, but one day... my dream is to devote all my time to growing and developing Knitti Gritti into a household name... that actually sounds nice.. the House Of Knitti Gritti.. hmmm... ;~)

My idea to have lower priced, in stock items seems to really be popular.. but the designer in me craves the stimulation that the custom designs that started Knitti Gritti in the first place. Soo.. as a compromise, I've branched out a teensy bit and have begun to make more custom-looking items, like this one:

Hand Knit Natural Hair Accessories Headband: Silky Gypsy Style Hair Band & Neck Scarf (Pink Purple Gold)
I hope you all will like the direction Knitti Gritti is going in.. but only time and (YOU!) will tell! :~)

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