Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Party Time!!!

Hi everybody! :)

So I know I've been gone for a minute, but let me tell you, these last couple of weeks have been craazy! First, my laptop died on me with no warning... Well make that ALMOST no warning - the fact that it would shut off if I didn't have it plugged in to the wall may have been a teensy bit of a hint...

Anyhoo, it turned out great, cuz NOW I am the proud owner of a Mac laptop! *yaaay* I'm still adjusting to the Pc to Mac lifestyle change.. but so far I'm lovin my new baby! It needs a name.. any suggestions??

Aside from my technical issues, things are going awesome, my Bohemian Head Wraps are selling like butter soaked, caramel drizzled hotcakes! *grin* With all these custom orders I've been busy designing and creating, I haven't had a chance to make any more In Stock items! More will be coming soon though, I promise :~)

While super busy, I DID manage to take a day off to create something special - just for lil ol' me! I knit myself a pair of GORGEOUS leg warmers to go with the Tinkerbell Halloween costume I'm wearing for our office dress up contest! My interpretation for Tink has more of an edge (naturally! *wink*), with the standard costume, I'm wearing my super sexy thigh high leg warmers, metallic silver pumps, and an olive green fitted military style jacket - Watch Out There Now!! Pics will be coming to share with you all soon! :~)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm SO EXCITED!! *Pointer Sisters Style*

I just finished and shipped an order this morning, and I swear, it's ALWAYS such a rush! I can't wait for my client to get her hat and scarf set an FALL IN LOVE! I'm gonna post the pics here so you all can Ooooh and Ahhh along with me!

My Step daughter was sweet enough to model them for me before she had to go to work today - doesn't she look adorable?

CUSTOM LISTING: Reserved for Debbie. Made To Order - 80"l Plush Ribbon-Laced Scarves - Have YOURS Made In Your Favorite Colors.

Yup, that's hand beading on the scarf and hat - the beads are strung on satin ribbon, which is then woven right into the body, so they are super secure!

CUSTOM LISTING: Reserved for Debbie. Made To Order Over-Sized Hat Snuggly Soft Mohair and Wool Hat Customize YOURS Today