Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Party Time!!!

Hi everybody! :)

So I know I've been gone for a minute, but let me tell you, these last couple of weeks have been craazy! First, my laptop died on me with no warning... Well make that ALMOST no warning - the fact that it would shut off if I didn't have it plugged in to the wall may have been a teensy bit of a hint...

Anyhoo, it turned out great, cuz NOW I am the proud owner of a Mac laptop! *yaaay* I'm still adjusting to the Pc to Mac lifestyle change.. but so far I'm lovin my new baby! It needs a name.. any suggestions??

Aside from my technical issues, things are going awesome, my Bohemian Head Wraps are selling like butter soaked, caramel drizzled hotcakes! *grin* With all these custom orders I've been busy designing and creating, I haven't had a chance to make any more In Stock items! More will be coming soon though, I promise :~)

While super busy, I DID manage to take a day off to create something special - just for lil ol' me! I knit myself a pair of GORGEOUS leg warmers to go with the Tinkerbell Halloween costume I'm wearing for our office dress up contest! My interpretation for Tink has more of an edge (naturally! *wink*), with the standard costume, I'm wearing my super sexy thigh high leg warmers, metallic silver pumps, and an olive green fitted military style jacket - Watch Out There Now!! Pics will be coming to share with you all soon! :~)

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